Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joy Ride

The U.S. Open was a few miles from my place. I did not go as I am not much of a golf fan. However, if I had attended I wish I was partying with these fellows!
Reminds me of the time the boys and I commandeered a golf cart from Gasoline Alley at the Indy 500...although we did not crash and utilized the ill-gotten vehicle all weekend.


James said...

MLS, HavIlah Babcock "My Health is Always Better in November" and Burton Spiller's " Grouse Feathers" were my favorites. Writting about the same time as Buckingham,Babcock was a quail hunter in the South and Spiller was a old Yankee grouse hunter.

M.Lane said...

Hilarious! My sort of fellows.