Monday, June 3, 2013

Country Show and Casino

   Saturday dawned hot and humid. My daughter, devoted equestrian, was registered for one of many small country horse shows that take place during the Summer around here. Sunscreen was applied and water iced up for the long wait for my daughter's events. It was wonderful spending the afternoon with her and her mount. She heads off to college in late August....majoring in animal Sciences and hoping to be a large animal vet. Thus, I valued the time to hang around the horses and the trailers and the little ring with the kid. These small local shows stand in stark contrast to the Grand Prix at Devon which we all attended Thursday evening...but to the riders in the ring the competition is no less fierce.
After a sweltering day watching my daughter jump in the hot dusty ring, it was off to Bally's in Atlantic City for an evening of prize fights.Beers and jeers and KO's made for a rousing ring-side Saturday night. A few throws of the dice and a few hands of Blackjack completed the evening. Now it is Monday and the door of the Courthouse awaits.


James said...

A full life,to be sure. Best wishes to your"kid"in the fall. Are you dealing well with the fledgling leaving the nest?

JMW said...

Cheers to your daughter on her competition and choice of major. (As you can imagine, we're fond of our horse vets in the Bluegrass State. :)

Main Line Sportsman said...

James...this is second kid to head off for I have come to terms. Great to see you around!
JMW-Kentucky horse country would be a great place for her to end up practicing!