Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Philly Fighter

It has been a good April for fight fans. Showtime aired the exciting Alvarez v. Trout fight this past Saturday. This coming Saturday features Danny Garcia v. Zab Judah.
Garcia is a Philly born and trained fighter with lightning fast hands who counter punches like the Wehrmacht counter-attacked in WW II. I have seen Garcia fight live here in Philly in July 2010 and again in October of that same year. His tough North Philly style and the amount of punches he threw with accuracy really impressed be back then. His rise to hold the WBA and WBC light welterweight belts has therefore been a pleasure to watch and no surprise. The fact that he is from Philly is a great bonus.
Garcia's bout against Judah is on Showtime and should be a great fight to watch. Judah is in his mid 30's and has perhaps lost a step and while he has fought some of the best..he seems to lack the heart needed to overcome a losing round...and thus he has lost to some of the best. He does have skill and can certainly be dangerous.
He also seems to lack class as he exhibited yesterday in Brooklyn. The Garcia team was conducting a press conference at a local sporting goods store. Judah and some of his ill-mannered entourage came into the store to disrupt the proceedings and exchanged taunts and expletives with Garcia's father...Judah embraces the NYC thug persona and his crew of lick-spittles began a "Brooklyn,Brooklyn" chant to further annoy the store owners and everyone in attendance.
This Sportsman hopes Danny Garcia silences Zab Judah and puts him on the canvas face down. Prediction: Garcia TKO's Judah in  the 5th.

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