Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Train Wreck

The Washington Post recently ran a piece about Allen Iverson's post NBA miasma. He was a 4 time scoring champ...a 6 foot Georgetown minted phenom. He earned around 150 million dollars in the NBA and reportedly has a 30 million dollar trust from Reebok that he cannot touch until he is 55.However, he is apparently broke, divorced and maybe circling the drain. Who knows.
What I do know is that when he lived down the street from me...he was not a model neighbor. More than once I was doing yard work and threw A.I. a waive as he drove by. He ignored me. The charming Mr. Iverson shocked the neighbors and the Philly media when he threw his wife out of the house.The poor woman was naked and abused and had to seek help from next door.He blared music at all hours and had parties with loads of sycophants and hangers on who seemed more suited to an episode of "Cops" than a party on Monk road.
 A guy I know who has a body shop for high-end vehicles reported that Iverson routinely brought in his Bentley for repairs on the dented hood. It seems he let his kids stand on the car to watch them play hoops in the driveway and additional damage was done by errant balls. He spent money like Pryor in "Brewster's Millions" and supported an entourage of thugs and sketchy characters that lurked around the area. He created a criminal media circus when he flashed a gun at some perceived wrong-doer and had helicopters hovering over the area for days. During that fiasco, fans would come driving by and yell:" Yo, where Iverson's house at" looking to rubberneck the ballplayers current adversity.
One Summer evening while we were having drinks on the porch, Iverson rolled up to the stop sign directly across from my house. He exited the car and slowly walked around the brand new top of the line silver Mercedes sedan. He was out-fitted in his usual Gangsta regalia of do-rag, long shorts,NBA jersey and high tops.  We sipped our drinks and wondered what he was doing slowly walking around his vehicle. We solved the puzzle when he got in and drove away.As the Mercedes turned we saw that it had wheel spinners installed on each wheel....you know, those absurd rigs that make the garish after market chrome wheels spin even when the car was stopped. Iverson apparently needed to inspect the new feature to make all four wheels were operational. As he passed I threw him a wave as usual. As usual he ignored me.


Pigtown*Design said...

As Bobby Short says, 'chawming'

Anonymous said...

"reportedly has a 30 million dollar trust from Reebok that he cannot touch". Yeah, I have one of those , too. But just in case anything happens I better get back to work.

Anonymous said...

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