Thursday, April 18, 2013


I do not play golf. I am not even much of a fan. However, I watch the Masters every year and enjoy the competition and tradition very much. It seems we have another fan around the house.

Last Summer while my daughter was working in Virginia as a counselor at a riding camp, she found 2 feral kittens...abandoned on the side of a rural road. She adopted them...took them to the vet..kept them at the Barn at Camp...then brought them home.Now these little wankers live on the Main Line  (cue the Jefferson's theme song.) They acclimated well and surprisingly get along with the resident hunting dogs.

This weekend while watching the Sunday final round of the Maters, the male of the pair seemed obsessed with watching golf. He parked his butt by the TV and stared at the screen for long stretches of time.

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