Friday, December 14, 2012

Sportsman's Lair

 When we first looked at this house some 15 years ago, there was one feature that really grabbed me. Behind the house is a small two story barn. Here in Pennsylvania we call it a "bank barn" because it is built iinto the side of a hill so one side is 1 story and ground level and the other side is two stories. The structure had electric and decent windows but no insulation and only barn board walls.
 As the realtor showed us around the property, I had this vision in mind. I saw an office and a small bar and a poker area. A place for my gun safe and my taxidermy. What popular culture now refers to as the "man cave" was in my imagination. I was determined to execute and make reality of my imagiend refuge.
 With some help from a few tradesman friends and some long weekends of work, and numerous trips to Home Depot, the space was finished. Some Craigslist luck and a few Flea Market scores furnished the place to complete my vision. The cable was installed and I was in business.You may note the custom installed vent over the poker table to eradicate the cigar smoke generated by the degenerate gamblers who often assemble here. There is a fridge behind the bar,an ice maker and 2 TV's for sports viewing.
I do use the desk for getting caught up on my legal work. The poker table gets a fair amount of action as Friday night games with the boys can be raucous and loud. The leather sofa is a perch for watching the Eagles or taking a nap. The 2 guns safes hold all my shotguns and deer rifles.I also collect hunting related beer paraphenalia and have some pretty nice old lighted beer signs featuring hunting scenes. Now and then I will meet with a client here...a client who does not want to venture into Center City.
When creating this space I had a vision of Wade Hunnicut's den from "Home From the Hill"  and I think he would approve.


Bear said...

Quite jealous, indeed. I have a rather small lair myself, but hope to have a "big boy" version one day.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I too am disgusted by the term "man cave", a belittling and emasculating term that trivializes genuinely enjoyed pursuits.

I look forward to burning some Caribbean-rolled agriculture with you again.

RulingPart said...

When I think about what I'm going to do with the spare bedrooms when the boys move out, it looks like that.

Well done!

M.Lane said...

Just perfect. Well used and not fussy. I'm glad you have a lot of other things to do in there besides watching the Eagles.


Anonymous said...


David said...

Looks incredible, something I too am aspiring to achieve, especially that bar and poker table. The yuengling mirror is a classic bar staple and the taxidermy and wildlife scenes really give it the appropriate atmosphere. I don't think this is a man cave so much as a retreat, a place to relax and enjoy pastimes. Of course, it's even better that you happen to own the joint and need only walk back to the main house if you've imbibed a bit.