Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Century Mark

When crafting a post the other day I was astonished to note that I now have 100 followers. I suppose this is no tremendous accomplishment given the hoards of followers dedicated to some other more substantial and varied (and clearly more well written Blogs.) Nevertheless, I am gratified that there are enough readers of my gibberish to make up a Century in the Roman Army. Well, that is technically not correct as I recall from an ancient history class at Lehigh that a Century was typically only 80 soldiers...but you get the point.
So, to the faithful few I appreciate your attention and tolerance. I particularly appreciate your comments (despite the fact that I had to switch to comment authentication because previously I was getting relentless e-mail spam offering me discounted Ambien and Viagra.)
I likewise appreciate the opportunity to meet some of you. When I started writing this nonsense I had no notion that there were so many people out there offering up such excellent prose and great photos. The chance to  quaff a few cocktails or break bread with the like-minded or interesting authors of other Blogs has been a unique and enjoyable experience. You guys keep up the good work and as long as I am pointing my shotgun at stuff and blathering on about Steeplechase racing and Football and gambling and rum...I will keep up my marginal scribblings. Here's to the 100 (pint of ice cold Yuengling Lager raised to pie-hole and gulped.)

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