Friday, December 7, 2012

Color War..or the battle for the Colby Cup.

 For my friend's 50th birthday we were all up in the Adirondacks. Being on Lake Colby is referred to by my firend's parents, and by those who Summer in the Adrondacks as bieng "at Camp." So, when we were trying to come with a plan to celebrate the man's 50th, I hit on a "Color War" theme which is certainly suited to a "camp" atmosphere.
 My wife and I and my friend's wife busied ourselves with the planning. We had T-shirts made for a green team and a gray team.We organized competitive events and kept score. The two teams were competing for the coveted "Colby Cup."
 The events featured traditional "camp" activities. We had an archery competition, air rifle shoot, swimming relay event and the ever popular water ballon toss and egg-on-a -spoon relay.

 On the evening of the competition, the scores were tallied. After dinner we presented the Colby Cup to the winning team. There were also seperate medals and small trophys for "least improved"  and "most team spirit"  and high gun/bow for the shooting events.

There was ample "thrill of victory" and a smidgen of "agony of defeat." There were  laughs and high fives and hugs. The weather was quintessential Adirondack North Country beautiful with bright sun and no hunidity. The lobsters at the award dinner were delicious and my friend truly enjoyed this unique birthday celebration.


M.Lane said...

What a great idea! Sounds like a blast.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea. Just great. Thanks for sharing.

LPC said...

What a beautiful place!