Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The new dog has been with us since Sunday night. I have begun reinforcing her training in earnest since she has had some time to wind-down and acclimate.This morning before heading to Court I had Genna in the back yard working on retrieves and on "heel" and "stay." She loves the duck and quail dummies and speeds across the yard picking them up and bringing them "to hand."
Since Genna was a wash-out from a Field Trial/Hunt Test trainer, she already has some basic knowledge. The key is to keep her engaged. In my dog training with Archie my other hunting dog, I have found it works well if you spend only 15 or 20 minutes on actual work...then have some play time. Dogs are after all just loveable after they have been taxed physically and mentally with commands and required performance...they really love to just play. Throw a them around...just goof it up.They see that as a the reward for good behaviour. Then back inside for some treats and a slobbery trip to the water bowl.
Genna is doing well with "heel" and "stay" and she is a retrieving machine. I will take her down to the hunting Club later in March to work on water retrieves and introduce more gun-fire to the regimen.
Around the house she is very sweet and the Family is really happy about her arrival. She is crate trained so for the time being she spends the night in a nice crate on a comfy dog bed...she seems very happy in her new home. Stay duck season I hope to be posting pix of Genna like the one above.


JMW said...

Welcome, Genna! What a great dog. Good lucky with the training - I'm sure she'll be a super hunting companion. Someday we'll be there when we get our Boykin Spaniel, but we'll wait a while. In the meantime, I'll keep up with Genna!

Marsha said...

Gosh, she's lovely. We don't hunt at our house, but I'm realizing how much our girl needs us to act as if we do. Such smart creatures - the intelligence of which coexists with their "knuckleheadedness" - demands that we meet them where they are. Do we're out there with the "heel" "stay" and "release", too. And not as often as she'd like, on the bike trail nearby. Our girls deserves the best!

George B said...

Look at your art in boxing comments for answers to your questions about my Lehigh graduate son-in-law.