Friday, February 17, 2012

Gary Carter

I hated him because he was a Met. I admired him because he was a damn fine catcher.He was a force to be dealt with both behind the Plate and when he was at the Plate in the batter's box.

I made money in 1986 when a friend bet me that Carter would be National League MVP...and not Mike Schmidt. He was wrong...I was right.

Carter has passed away at 57...too young. I hated that Met's uniform...and was not fond of him as an Expo. But he was a class act by all accounts...a ballplayer, a gentleman,a talented athlete and a team leader.


Trey said...

I feel much the same way. Never much liked him as a player, but he had heart!

Anonymous said...

Very sad however I believe in his 20 year career the only offensive or defensive stat he ever led the National League in was ground out double plays.