Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Report

The 147th Meeting of College Football's Most Played Rivalry was a tremendous day. The weather was crisp and clear, the Tailgate fare was delicious, the beer and drinks were liberally poured and my buddy Glenn and his son Gabe flew in from Calif. for the game. We had a great crew of Alumni from several classes and it was a blast having a few beers with the Lehigh crew and seeing all the wives and families. Perhaps the best part of the day was the sound ass-whooping the Lehigh boys put on the hapless Lafayette Leopards:37-14. This victory garnered Lehigh a bye in the FCS playoffs and we will now play Towson on December 3rd. This schedule has fomented a scramble for tickets and some hasty plans to get a crew together to go South and cheer for Lehigh...and since my daughter's school is right near Towson...an excuse to visit her and take her to the game...she has been at Lehigh v. Lafayette games since she was in diapers.....and indeed I shamefully admit I used to smuggle beers into the stadium in her snow suit back in the day...is that wrong?
After Sunday morning squash and brunch at Germantown Cricket, we dropped Glenn and Gabe at the Airport for the flight West.Then it was down to the duck hunting club for the Goose/Duck opener on Monday. We had an excellent dinner of Smoked ham, home made mac'n'cheese,greens and pickled beets,cornbread and lager as
we watched the Eagles beat that team from North Jersey....and things went downhill from there. There were few birds flying on Monday and it was a warm foggy day that featured misquitos in the blinds and a pitiful harvest of waterfowl. We are going back down to load up, put out the decoys and try again on Friday.....but because it has not been very cold up North, I fear the migratory birds have not really come down yet....so I do not expect too much. Nevertheless, it will be good to spend time with my son in the duck blind and goose pit....I only hope he does not clip me at the poker table like he did last January!


JMW said...

Congrats on the win! Football tailgating is such fun. And, yes, creative ways to sneak your spirits into the stadium can be an art form. Your little girl's snow suit? Top of the creativity list. Enjoy the time in the blind with your son. Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

James said...

Great win, I'm wearing the hat with pride. Have a great season and roll a bird or two for me.

W.Essex said...

Hahahaha, Lafayette '97 here. Know of you via comical Richard (WASP 101) and TinTin. Two thoughts:

1) I fondly remember the t-shirt sales around Lafayette-Lehigh. I wish I could find it, but my freshman year (1993) I bought one with Beavis & Butthead sitting at their school desks with the caption "Lehigh Sucks!". Hope this type of BS still exists.

2) I don't know whether home or away games were worse. Tailgate in a parking lot in the middle of campus (Laff) or on some mountaintop in the middle of nowhere?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Essex. I have to say that the tailgate fields at Lehigh are very nice...one of the nicer places to tailgate in all college footbal....short of the Grove at Ole Miss.
Lafayette really has nowhere to set it up.
The T-shirts are still around and still caustic...
Thanks for comment and stopping by.

W.Essex said...

No doubt, but it was kinda hard to do beer/food runs, duck into a warm building, "hook up", etc.

Hope the underprivileged undergrads are still imbibing on MD 20/20 & Busch beer prior to 10am.