Thursday, November 3, 2011

77th Running of the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup Races

This Sunday will find Steeplechase fans from The Main Line and Southern Chester County tailgating at the PA Hunt Cup Races in Unionville, PA. The farm where these races are held is simply beautiful and is a classic example of the rolling hills,fields and woods of Southeast PA horse country. This is a smaller Meet and the purses are not comprable to Radnor or Far Hills or the Grand National. Nevertheless, this slate of races finds top notch trainers,jockeys and horses on the entry card and is always exciting. The course is rigorous,challenging and sometimes dangerous.
The smaller format makes for a more intimate afternoon of tailgating with a knowledgale crowd of afficianados....people really there to watch and wager and not just see and be seen while sucking down Bloodys and eating pate'.
Many of the events in the Steeplechase season find crowds of pretenders who are there to party,gossip,pose and puke while dressed up in a manner they think an RL advt. of Steeplechase tailgating would look like. They have no idea that horses are running and no idea what he sport is all about. Instead, they stumble and flog about with the trappings but never really get the soul of the sport. It is sort of the contrast between the May Virginia Gold Cup versus the October International Gold cup....or the difference between Far Hill in NJ and My Lady's Manor in Maryland.
This year I think Bon Caddo has a chance to repeat as winner of the main race....followed closely by Prof. Maxwell or a late challange by Private Attack.
The weather forecast is favorable, the wagering will be spirited, the tailgate spread and cocktails inviting, and we are not even going to miss the Eagles as they are playing Monday night.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Good call, Sportsman. And I can guess on which blogs the photographs of the pretenders will end up... with favorable captions, too.

James said...

My daughter is going to Lehigh this weekend.One of the asst football coach was a high school classmate.He invited her to a football weekend. I'm watching her son, so I'd better get a cap!

JMW said...

I think I would really enjoy that event. Have a great time and a stiff Blood Mary in the morning. If you get a chance on Saturday, tune into the Breeders' Cup at Churchill.

Main Line Sportsman said...

James...She will see a great game...lehigh v. Holy Cross...if she does not get you a hat...lemme know and I'll send you one. I would love to know that out there a blogger of your stature was sporting Lehigh on his lid!

JMW...Oh yeah...we will be following the Breeder's Cup.
YWP...Luckily at this meet...not too many poser/pretenders to deal with...real hard core horse people/country. You would love the event!

Anonymous said...

Place it all on Professor Maxwell.

- Smithwick

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here own shares in a horse? My husband and I have been flirting with that idea.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Kiki...I have many friends in the race game. e-mail me and I can put you in touch or give you some insight. I have also represented clients involved in owner consortiums that have gone bad.

Anonymous said...

I'll send that email to you soon. Interested in what you have to say.