Monday, November 14, 2011


I have taken some heat from blog passers by who have a problem with killing animals. I shall defer any protracted arguments about the issue. We can agree to disagree.
However, in deference to those anti-hunting types....I offer this photo of moose hunting.
I myself have never had the desire to hunt moose.I have had the chance. I have seen many in the days back when I canoe camped in Algonquin Provincial park and kicked around the woods in Maine. I saw several recently in Steamboat, Colorado.They always seemed such stately and docile creatures...staring at you while munching a big batch of duckweed or just walking by in the woods like they could not give a damn about your presence in their patch of forest.
More importantly, I hear they are not the best eating...and I strive to only hunt what I will eat(except snow geese...but that is another story altogether.)
So if your are hiking around Maine this season, be wary, some crew of Moose may be looking to lash your behind to the top of the truck.


Anonymous said...

I have asked you before if you eat what you hunt, but I certainly did not intend to sound like an anti-hunting advocate. I like to eat meat. It comes from a lot of places.

But, that photo? It's hilarious!


Main Line Sportsman said...

Kiki...I was not referring to you at all...I have received some e-mails from PETA types who deplore hunting in all forms.
Thanks for stopping by.

Old Polo said...

I enjoyed the picture. I have eaten Moose. It tastes muddy. I don't like it. Moose are not tranquil. My ex-father-in-law worked at the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, WY. I was helping him clear a stream with a Catepiller tractor. His instructions were to watch for moose because he was afraid they would attack and climb onto the tractor. They are unpredictable.actra

JMW said...

Hilarious! We encountered a moose or two (and several elk) when we were last in Canada. Massive animals. You've received emails from PETA?? Ugh, don't get me started. (People Eating Tasty Animals)

Preppy 101 {Preppy Grammy} said...

Hilarious! Love this. I'm glad you aren't even addressing the extremists - pointless for sure. xoxo

GSV JR said...

Snows... Ha ha ha.