Monday, October 10, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy and Things That Don't

Some things create a feeling of happiness in an individual. For this writer, seeing my daughter hugging one of her favorite dogs on a dock in the Adirondacks on a beautiful sunny day makes me happy. The look on her face and the setting make it hard not to feel happy.
In stark contrast, the collapse of the Phillies in the NLDS makes me sad. The team had the best record in Baseball with 102 wins and a pitching staff calculated to dominate the Post-Season. The pitchers generally delivered but the batters in Philies red and white flogged about at the plate like hapless 2nd grade T-Ballers.
The Season is over and the Fans of the Quaker City are morose.


JMW said...

I saw the score the other day and thought of you - sorry your Phillies didn't make it. But, yes, looking at a daughter's smile does bring the utmost happiness to one's life. I totally agree. :)

frachellea said...

If I were the superstitious type, I'd blame the fact that I had to change my daughter out of her Phillies onesie to put her to bed before the game was over for their loss. Fortunately, as you noted, our girls' smiles, especially with their dogs, does wonders for a postseason letdown.

I've been reading for a while and was compelled to comment, if only to commiserate. I'm a fellow Philadelphian, currently living in in exile in Texas. Your blog is a great taste of home for me.

At least the Flyers have had a great start to the season!