Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One for the Ladies

Pictured above is Brittany of BAM Boxing. Brittany is ringside watching an evening she willed into existence. She is a Temple student who is interning with Peltz Boxing. This Friday she planned, and Promoted a full boxing card at the National Guard Armory in N.E. Philadelphia.
I attended the fights to scout Decarlo Perez. Perez is slated to be the opponent in my Welterweight's next scheduled fight.In the process, I was very impressed by the organization and execution carried out by Brittany and her people. The night seemed to go smoothly and the slate of fights was entertaining from start to finish.
Obviously it is quite rare for a woman to be a professional Fight Promoter. It is even more exceptional that this woman is a college student. I wish her continued success and hope she makes it in the field she has chosen and clearly loves. Brittany stands as an example to young women that the Sporting world has opportunity for them.

Special thanks to Keyartphoto.com for the photograph she shared from Friday night.


M.Lane said...

A dream woman.


Main Line Sportsman said...

My thoughts exactly Mr. Lane!
When will you be in Whitemarsh again?

JMW said...

Way to go, Brittany! As the song goes, "We own the world." :)