Friday, October 7, 2011


My buddy Sandy sent me these images. Sandy is a member of our duck hunting club and a great friend. He is a Marine who saw 2 tours in Vietnam. He was wounded and went back for more. He has encyclopedic knowledge about 'Nam era weaponry and has spent hours around the fire fascinating my son with information about M-60's, grenades,mortars,AK-47 and the like. Sandy was also a Sniper for law enforcment for many years.He is the type of guy who takes your .32 cal. revolver home from the club and gives it a complete re-hab because he is gunsmith and wanted your pistol to be just right. He harvests plenty of venison and marinates a delicious back-strap for grilled appetizers.He pitches in with dishes after club dinners and always lends a hand with work at the club.He enjoys a good cigar and a cold beer.In short, he is simply a top flight guy to know and to hunt with.
Now, I confess that these photos are just a click away from being as silly as the Kitty pix nonsense that float around the Net. However, this Sniper Pup just made me laugh.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

A puppy-shaped ghillie suit?

James said...

well that explains where our cat went.

Anonymous said...

If you'd pass along to your friend a thank you and Semper Fi from the wife of an active duty Marine, I would appreciate it.