Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Marty is a waterfowler's waterfowler. He has, as they say, forgotten more than most of us know about hunting ducks and geese in the Delaware-Maryland region. Marty is a member of our Hunting Club but did not have much chance to get out this season. His wife is battling a fairly serious illness and his attentions are thus required on the homefront.
Marty is always ready to share the knowledge he has amassed hunting waterfowl for over 40 years. He can tell you what length of line to rig on your decoys for various water depths at various blinds. He can suggest where to place decoys, how many and what type. He knows what types of vegetation different species of ducks prefer and will tell you what to plant to bolster habitat in your hunting area. He will give you tips on the best boat ramps and what public blinds to try and get in the lottery and tips on what special gear to have in your boat. He will offer use of his extensive collection of decoys and even lend you his trailer to haul them.
If all that is not enough, he is a top-flight dog trainer. He participates in hunt tests and field trials and train Labs for hunting. Like everything else, he is quick to offer welcome advice when guys are training their dogs.
Marty's hunting buddies join in good thoughts and wishes for his wife's speedy recovery and hope we can share more time hunting with him next season.


Preppy 101 said...

Really nice post. I'm sure this will be a wonderful, uplifting gesture for Marty. I love decoys. You should do a post on them with pictures. My dad was a hunter, and I am more sentimental about everything about him as I get older. Such is life, right? Have a wonderful day! xoxo

efinkens said...

Pound for pound the toughest man I've ever met. Anyone who can fall into freezing water on a below zero day and then change cloths in his car so he can keep hunting, is a tough man indeed.