Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sportsmen's Answer to Fashion Week

Too many Blogs to mention have posted too many posts to list about Fashion Week in Manhattan. Those of us who lean more toward outdoor pursuits have our own version. To wit: The Sporting Show. This weekend featured The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow. Yesterday we attended the event. This is a madhouse stuffed to the ceiling with everything from Bass Boats to Guide Service offering trips to hunt Elk in Manitoba or fish for Steelhead in Ontario. There was a great fly fishing demo by Lefty Kreh (See my earlier post on this master of the fly-rod) and a grizzly bear on display.. There were taxidermists and gear purveyors and discount equipment booths.
I picked up a new goose call, a snow goose call and some other odds and ends. We ate some aligator jerky and some delicious crabcakes. Dealers had campers and ATV's, duck hunting boats and fishing gear, waders and boots and binoculars. It was all there. The show runs thru this evening.


James said...

Oh hell yeah!

Main Line Sportsman said... woulda loved it....and spent more than you planned.