Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Deep Sea Fishing

More gems have been made available through my Mother's efforts in the attic. I promised JMW, the sweet Kentucky lass from " A Place to Dwell", that there would be more old photographs and here is one.
In this pose, my Grandfather (mentioned in the recent post), is shown with his posse of anglers after a successful deep sea fishing excursion. This trip was probably in early Summer of 1931 or 32. Grandad is kneeling 3rd from the right. Grandad loved fishing for Tuna and this was a great trip as the catch hanging behind confirms.
I love this photo for several details. One is the fact that the Capt. and one of the fisherman are wearing ties. These days down at the Jersey shore you are lucky if guys are wearing pants...let alone a tie. I also love the Pith helmet held by one guy...nothing keeps the harsh Summer sun off one's neck like a Safari lid.
My Grandfather loved to do I. He always said there was nothing like eating Tuna steaks that you had reeled in yourself just a few hours before.
If you have never spent an afternoon at Sea with your buddies catching Tuna and drinking ice cold beer..then you are missing a lot.


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A very smart, handsome man. Yes, indeed. xoxo

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Makes me want to go out cod fishing next week and stock up for Lent.