Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Professional Sportsman- The Duck Commander.

Down in Louisianna they know duck hunting. As "The Duck Commander" says: "Little Boys growing up near the Mississippi Floodplain naturally tend to pursue ducks."
Phil Roberston, a.k.a. "The Duck Commander" was one of those boys.
Robertson grew up poor in rural Louisana with 7 siblings and hunting helped feed the crew.
Roberston was an All-State Football player and played at Louisianna Tech on a Scholarship. He became a teacher. Eventually, he concluded that his talents for hunting ducks would be better for his personality and for his growing family.
He began crafting duck calls. ...calls that worked...not calls that won competitions. Robertson said: No duck would even place in a calling contest." This is a sentiment I really embrace and find funny as Hell. In my experience, when using a duck call, what matters in getting the birds into your spread...not worrying about whether some Judge in Easton Maryland or Stuttgart Arkansas thinks you are good.
Robertson began making and selling duck calls from his home and with the help of his family. He is now a major player in the duck hunting game both in calls and other gear.
As you can see from the pictures above, he is a fairly scary looking bloke. If you saw him coming at you across a misty Marsh, you may take off back to the truck and bug out of there...
However, he is a gentle soul who is serious about his Faith and speaks all over the Country to many types of groups and organizations about his zeal for his Religion and how it helped him.
Now, I am not about the prosthelytizing, but I love this guy for his prowess hunting ducks and for his calls. I would love to have the chance to sit in a Blind with him some morning and learn some finer points about hunting ducks. Indeed, I never fail to be impressed by a guy who can take his passion for such an endeavour and turn it into a lucrative job.


James said...

This gentleman is awesome on so many levels. Thank you for showcasing him.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Brilliant. This is the kind of chap to whom I'd like to extend my kind regards. Always had a soft spot for Louisiana folks. Love the beard. Merci.

Julie DeBrandt Hunter said...

Enjoy reading about this scary looking bloke. After sitting in the blind for a few days, head down to New Orleans and my dad will take you out for a proper martini.

M.Lane said...

Fantastic post. If I were a duck I would not fly over Louisiana once I knew the Commander was down there!