Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Race Season

The Autumnal Equinox has passed and Sportsmen turn their attention from Summer fishing to Fall hunting. Attention is also directed towards the several excellent Steeplechase Races that comprise the Fall Schedule. The Pennsylvania Hunt Cup Races are slated for November 7th and shortly before that is the Far Hill Race in New Jersey. The Jersey meet features a Grade I race with a huge purse. However, the majority of people who attend Far Hills are there for the party and do not even know that Racing is taking place. The Organizers set up the tailgate spaces about 6 or 7 deep from the rail so it is not a great Spectator course in the opinion of some.. If you get an invite to one of the Tents on the Hill the vantage point is fairly good.
The Shawan Downs Races were last Saturday and I was unable to get there.
This weekend the Virginia Fall Season gets in full swing with the races at Middleburg on Saturday and Sunday. The International Gold Cup is scheduled for October 16th. The Fall meet at the Gold Cup course in Plains, Virginia is less crowded than the Spring meet and affords the afficianado easier access and better seats.
Stay tuned for some prognosticating about possible best bets for these races. If you attend one of these Races...look around and you may see the lovely Maryland Belle who posts at "Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore" as she and her crew are big fans of Steeplechase racing.

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