Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trade News

It appears our Phillies G.M. Reuben Amaro finally extracted his head from his nether regions....the anatomical contortion which seemingly led to his trade of Cliff Lee. Now that Mr. Amaro can see the playing field once again, he has perhaps redeemed himself with the aquisition of Roy Oswalt from Houston.
As I mentioned in my opening day post, the Philadelphia pitching rotation had some serious issues. These issues were underscored with the team-wide batting slump that obtained thru much of June and after the All-Star break. Now it seems the offense has begun to fire...and we have a new solid pitcher to compliment the staff. We are chasing a hot Atlanta team and need the firepower off the hill to keep in contention. This is fairly big news for the Philly faithful.
Now, upon further reflection, one may notice that this transaction was completed today...Thursday...the same day that K.S. Legionaire was here in Philly...purportedly on a lay-over. A mere coincidence...perhaps...but maybe K.S. is a stealth agent- type who flew in to ink the contracts...why else was he sporting that business suit look on the plane? Parenthetically, consumer monitoring organizations here in the Delaware Valley report that regional sales of tortillas and frozen pizzas skyrocketed today.


K.S. Anthony said...

I know nothing. Thanks for the tortillas and pizzas, Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Anthony worked for the government or was at least a contractor.