Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday Night's Fight

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In an earlier post when I was lamenting the Flyer's loss in the Stanley Cup Finals, I referenced a line from one of my favorite films. If you have not seen 'The Pope of Greenwich Village" you are missing a great story and great performances by Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts. In the movie, Eric Robert's character "Paulie" goes "in on a swindle" and buys a racehorse. The horse runs at Monmouth and loses by a nose. On the car ride back to Manhattan, Rourke's character, "Charlie" tells Paulie that they should get a copy of the photo finish picture and have it blown up poster size.
Paulie had only bet on his horse to Win and thus lost significant cash with the second place finish. He was slumped in the passenger seat feeling morose. His response to Charlie's suggestion about the photo is: " I don't need no picture."
This vignette generally encapsulates my feelings about the KO of my boy last Friday in Atlantic City. However, Philly Keith sent me these photos and I decided to share them with my "small and deeply disturbed following. "{As an aside I'll send some Tastykakes to whomever can tell me what character and what movie that quote is from} They are good pictures from a technical perspective. To this Sportsman, that is all that is good about them. Well, they do show Butler getting in a body-shot...which was a central tenet of the fight stratgey...a strategy that flew off the Boardwalk when Butler got cocky and went a-head-huntin' after knocking Guzman to his knees in round 1.
"Philly Keith" has a wonderful website about Philadelphia boxing and boxers and does a great job.

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