Monday, July 19, 2010

Comments Award

K.S. Anthony, the wordsmith,academic, nocturnal tortilla procurer and incurable romantic, from the Blog "To The Legion Of The Lost Ones" has recently dumped an assignment in my wheelhouse like a junior year teaching assistant punishing an errant Frat boy for missing a Lit. 101 requirement. It seems he received the accolade: "Super Comment Award" from some saucy wench of a fellow Blogger...and part of the deal is answering a few probing queries and then forwarding them on to others. He downstreamed these interrogartories to Maximinimus, Admiral Cod and gents of that stature. Hence,I feel I slipped into tall cotton , or it was a mistake,when he launched them my way. I referred to this sort of chain as not unlike one of those " Snopes- exposed Republican e-mail rants about Pell grants for terrorists" when I commented on his site.
Nevertheless, I am going to dutifully comply...if for no other reason than I have not conjured up anything to blather about and bore you with this day. Summer is a slow time for hunters...and while I am percolating a post about a lesson in hunting preparedness my Grandfather taught me...and how I hopefully taught it to my is not ready yet. So without further garrulousness, I will carry out the directive and answer the questions. I am supposed to thank the person who gave it to uh...Thanks.
1. Why do you Blog?
It just kinda happened. I started with a goal of talking about hunting, horse racing and related outdoor topics...but it has expanded. I now think I have kept up with it to try and recapture the literary voice I used to posses before the strictures of my professional writing completely eradicate same from my arsenal.
2. 3 Best Memories
The birth of my son and two daughters.
3. If you had to change your name....
Bruno Walter Grozniak ( Anyone get that reference??)
4. 5 Things I could not live without.
Shotgun Shells, my smokin' hot wife, Rum, my kids, jeans.
5. 4 Best Books I've read
The Sun Also Rises
Painted House
Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Master & Commander
6. Unique and interesting fact:
Certainly whether it is unique and interesting is for my small and deeply disturbed following to decide but....
When I was 12 years old I won a Gold Medal in Judo in a local division of the Junior Olympics and followed that with a Bronze at the East Coast regionals.
7. Love best about myself? Ahh....the narcissist question...
I love best my ability to make all 3 of my kids laugh so hard they choke, gasp and have tears in their eyes.
8. Best Movie ever made?
Hell that is a lay-up...a hanging curve ball....the type of question that is so easy that at Lehigh when we encountered such a query on a test we called it "Breast Feeding."
Caddyshack II...just kidding
Oh you wanted BEST movie....The Godfather...
9. Change Places with someone?
Either Sir Richard Burton...see earlier post on him as to why....lots of sex ,drugs, sports and adventure or
C.J. Costabile...he scored the winning goal 5 seconds into overtime to give Duke it's 1st national Lacrosse matter where life takes that kid or what it has to offer...he always has that....
OK...Now I have to pass this roll.....
Man of the 50's-James..Because we all want to know his answers and he always seems to be already following the Blogs I discover that interest me.
Woman of a Certain Age/Jules-She is a Junior High and High school buddy of mine and fellow recipient of "Best Sense of Humor" award when we were in Hall of Fame for Welsh Valley Junior High..also an Ivy League grad( I am not), fellow parent and fellow student of German...and a great writer.
Let The Tide Pull Yer Dreams Girl-'Cause she is a fellow Steeplechase fan.
Finally.... Tin Tin of Trad...cause I owe him a shipment of Schweppes Bitter Lemon and this will add insult to injury.


K.S. Anthony said...

My God, it took you long enough, didn't it? And what's going on with that globe to the left broadcasting my position to the secret police?

Junior Year T.A.? Oh, the cheek...recalcitrant!

James said...

I'm extremely flattered, I'll try to complete the assignment soon

Main Line Sportsman said...

KS...I am tracking you so i can zero in and come steal that equestrian print that I covet.
James, We await your answers with great eagerness...

Main Line Sportsman said...

KS...Looks like I am the only one who took up your challenge....

Keith said...

Congrats on the award. You definitely deserve it. It was interesting to read your answers. I hope you will have a great week.

Julie DeBrandt Hunter said...

I didn't even see this--Chip mentioned he saw it and I was like "whaaaa?". Thanks for the nice words and I also will try to complete the assignment. Must have missed this entry. You are unplugged as I write this and hope you are enjoying your vacay.