Monday, February 8, 2010

Memorable Night

One of the solemn responsibilties of being a Father is spending time with your Children. Your kids do not really want stuff...they want your time. This weekend was a great expenditure of same with my Son. His 13th Birthday was last week. He wanted to take some of his buddies to the Boxing Matches. I secured a limousine and tickets and we went to The Legendary Blue Horizon for a night of pugilistic spectation. We made a stop at Jim's Steaks on South Street for cheesesteaks and then to the "Blue."
We had seats 1 row off ringside( when you sit too close you get splattered with spit and sweat.)
We watched some excellent fights and saw some stunning knockouts. My son and his buddies loved the night. However, the pinnacle of the evening came when I had a chance to get the kids photographed with "Fast Eddie" Chambers. Chambers is the next World Champion Heavyweight challenger..he is slated to fight Vladimir Klitschko in March. The picture is featured above.
Being a manager I know most of the Players in the local fight game so I was able to arrange this photo-op when Chambers arrived. The kids were in awe...of Chambers..and I think somewhat of me as well since I knew him and his trainer and manager and was able to get the shot. So, I could have simply bought my kid some expensive present..instead I spent the time with him and hopefully created a lasting memory. One can only hope that when he is a father himself,and perhaps long after I am gone, he will have a great memory of a night with his old man when he met "The Champ" if fast Eddie can only win the Title...that is subject for another post.
By the son is the handsome young man front and center in the photo.


James said...

This goes far beyond "well done". The memory and life lessons you gave all those young men will last forever. Your karma score had to have gone up several points.Fine looking son by the way!

M.Lane said...

Fantastic night out with your son! I love the Blue...haven't been there for many years when my wife and I went for a card...I'll have to go back soon.

By the way, I really like what you are doing here. Keep up the great work.


Preppy 101 said...

I just found your blog through Social Climbers. So glad I did. And you are right about the memory. He will never forget The Champ OR his cool dad who knows the Champ. Just remember, you will always be "The Champ" is your handsome son's eyes.