Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Olympic Winter Games

In just over one week the Winter Olympic games will commence in British Columbia. My wife and I took the kids to Salt Lake for the Winter Games in 2002 and had planned on going this year as well. Things did not work out and we will be watching them on TV like the rest of you.
This writer believes that the Winter Olympics are the more exciting of the two Seasonal games ...why? Well name me an event in the Summer Games in which you could easily be killed...in the Winter games there are several. It is this risk and speed that makes for such great Sport and spectating. For our US team, Lindsey Vonn will certainly be the media darling and has real chances for medals in more than 1 event. Bode Miller, the iconoclastic son of New England Hippies and an serious skier...will try again for Alpine Gold after a bad showing in Italy in 2006 and only a Silver in Down Hill Combined in Utah in 2002 (Which we witnessed in front row seats!)
We can all watch the break neck speeds of 2 and 4 man Bobsleds as well as K-90 Ski Jumps, the grace and artistry of skating, the excellent hockey on international size rinks. It really is inspiring to see these athletes from all over the World competing on an International stage for personal and National glory. So,for two weeks this Winter we can watch something really special each evening in the realm of Winter Sports! Go USA!!!


Bumby Scott said...

Hello Bumby here, I am in full agreement GO USA!

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I agree the Winter games are far better. Go USA!!!