Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disaster and Disappointment

You may recall in a prior post I advised that the Welterweight Boxer that I manage was slated for a 6 round bout on 2/26/2010. Everything was set. The trainer stated that Rick was in top shape, the opponent was a good match, we had studied film on him and his style,the tickets were sold, we attended a pre-fight press comference on Monday 2/22/10, the Promoter was happy and team Hitman was psyched.
Unfortunately, some miscreant dung-heap of a motorist decided to run a stop sign Tuesday evening in South West Philly. Generally, I am ambivalent to some driving infraction in a part of the City I rarely frequent. On this occasion however,said negligent asshole motorist hit my fighter. Rick was out doing his roadwork...and as he jogged he was the victim of a hit and run. Suffice it to say that the injuries he suffered required that we scrtach him from Friday's fight. Rick spent most of Wednesday morning at Univ.of Penn Emergency room. He suffered a shoulder injury, a low back strain and various bruises and scrapes. The offending driver fled the scene.
Rick is despondent . I am worried and furious and the Trainer is appoplectic. The Promoter was understanding yet very disappointed. The Police could care less about another young Black kid getting hit by a car.
The local boxing beat writer for the Daily News caught the story and will do an article about Rick, his career and this incident. Perhaps with some public exposure the offending jack ass may be apprehended.
Hopefully, the injuries will mend and we have Rick set up for an exam with a top orthopedist here in Philadelphia tomorrow. His next scheduled fight is 4/2 and then 4/28 and God willing he is recovered and ready to go.
Can you believe this crap...just awful for all involved.


James said...

Sorry to hear this, I hope Rick recovers quickly. I have a suggestion, if they identify the moron, lock him in a trainer's room alone with Rick!

JMW said...

How awful! I hope they catch the person and I hope the young fighter is able to recover and return to the ring.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Page 68 of Phila. Daily News this Monday 3/1...good article about Rick and this incident