Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hookey for Hunting

My buddy Hutch and I skipped work today for a morning duck hunt in Delaware. I was not scheduled in Court and the weather report was for morning snow showers and the tide was right. We headed down to the Club Monday night. There was a dust of snow and we set up decoys at Murray's Point Blind( Named after Judge Dick Murray, one of the Club's founders.) Not much action but I did manage to clip one duck at about 8 :15 a.m. as she cupped into our spread. The remainder of the morning was quiet. Hutch is pictured above with his favored waterfowl gun and a considerable wad of chew. We have known each other for 43 years, having met at Trinity Episcopal Nursery school when we were 3 years old. He is an agreeable hunting companion and a good friend.
Also pictured is the boardwalk across the marsh to the blind and a view out of the blind...a really pretty spot on a cold winter morning and the site of some memorable hunts and stunning sunrises.
Hutch and I are taking our sons down to hunt Monday as they are off school for the Holiday.

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