Monday, January 25, 2010

Going to The Dogs

The 2009-2010 Waterfowling Season is coming to a close this Saturday. I wanted to post a tribute to our Hunting dogs. The pictures above are of my dog Archie, Scout who belongs to a hunting buddy, and Puddy, who belongs to my good friend and hunting companion Ned. Many bloggers prattle on about their dogs...but there is nothing like the bond formed between a hunter and his hunting dog. Perhaps it is the shared experience and the time spent in a truly cooperative and mutually involved activity that defines the hunter-dog connection. Most people hang out with their dogs in the evening, take them for walks, cuddle and generally enjoy the domesticated relationship. With a waterfowl hunter or upland game hunter the relationship is far more complex. We spend hours in cold ,wet duck blinds or goose pits with our dogs. They ride in the truck and the boat with us and quiver with excitment the moment the guns are brought out. They find the grouse and quail and show us where they are. They even seem to laugh at us when we miss a shot. They jump in frigid water to retrive our ducks. They charge across snowy fields to bring back 8 pound geese. They sleep at our feet by the fire and provide unconditional love and friendship. They make us laugh. A hunting dog is a companion like no other.

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