Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best

 My wife went up to Burlington,VT this week to visit our daughter and then head across Lake Champlain to visit our North Country friends in Saranac Lake. While I was toiling in my law office and trying to get my fighters credentials squared away for his upcoming bout at Mohegan Sun casino on October 3rd, and taking my son for a college visit at my Alma Mater, she was hiking and canoeing and mountian biking and enjoying the Fall in the Adirondacks.
Her penance for leaving me to deal with the day-to-day at home while she was surrounded by the Autumnal splendor of the High Peaks, was to stop at the Noon Mark Diner for pie. She was instructed to purchase and bring home a Blueberry crumb pie. This little joint in Keene Valley, New York bakes the best damn blueberry pie on the planet.During the Summer, the diner does brisk table and counter business...but the bake racks in the back of the store are filled with Apple crumb, Maple Walnut, Raspberry-Rhubarb, Blackberry-Apple....a cornucopia of pie for which one runs out of superlatives.The pie noted above made it back to the Main Line intact and was enjoyed right away!

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned fighters credentials. I'm curious. What type of credentials are fighters required to produce? You might consider this as a topic for a future post.

I'm not trying to be anonymous. I'm a little lazy and not too tech savvy.

I don't, yet, have the other choices on the list.