Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Opening Day

 The opening day of dove season dawned hot as Hades's boxer shorts. 'Africa Hot" as Gene says in Biloxi Blues (See last post)
 The sweat poured and the birds did not fly often or in great numbers.
My girl Genna sought refuge from the sun throughout the day in the soybeans. Usually at our club we limit out on doves in a few hours....this day one was lucky to bag 3 or 4 and miss a few. It was a fun day in the field with the guys nonetheless.... and the beers after the hunt were icy cold and welcome beyond measure. But there was not much to put on the grill.

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Neil said...

Although I didn't make it for opening day, I'll be hunting aboard Camp Lejeune before work this week, assuming this rain lets up.