Monday, February 10, 2014

Bode Botchs Downhill

 The hype started early on Saturday after Bode Miller turned in the fastest runs in downhill training. My family and I saw Bode win Silver in Salt Lake in 2002 from front row seats.We have followed him thru a pathetic showing at Turin in '06 and some redemption in Vancouver in 2010. We were camped in front of the TV last night to see if he could finally win the Gold in the premier event of the Winter Olympics.
 His run started strong. The in the middle of the course my son said:" He is standing up too straight." It was clear he was losing time. On the "lake jump" he was flying sideways and it was now clear this run was not going to get him on the podium. At the bottom he sank to a seated position and clearly looked dejected.
The camera panned to his wife, the smoking hot volley ball player-model. She actually pulled her hood over her face as she recognized that her man's performance was not good enough for a medal.

Miller has 2 more events and I hope he can earn Gold in one and cap his career on a high note.

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