Thursday, October 10, 2013

From Garden & Gun

I get an e-mail form this wonderful magazine periodically. Now and then something really catches my interest. As you may know from prior posts, I am a huge fan of Hemingway...the consummate sportsman and one of my heroes. I also have a penchant for strong drink in the form of Rum. Here we have a nice confluence of the two...courtesy of Garden & Gun:

The recipe for this drink came from Ernest Hemingway's fishing log handwritten in June of 1933, where its ingredients were listed under the simple heading “Cocktail.” The name pays tribute to Joe “Josie Grunts” Russell, a close friend of Hemingway’s who ran liquor from Cuba to Florida during Prohibition and, immediately following its repeal, opened Key West mainstay Sloppy Joe’s. Hemingway was fishing on Russell’s boat when he wrote down the recipe for this drink, a potent blend of rum, hard apple cider, lime, and sugar. Sounds like just the thing to warm up a fall fishing trip.
Josie Russell
For a pitcher:

4 ½ oz. rum
12 oz. hard apple cider
2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 tsp. sugar

Fill a pitcher with ice, add all ingredients, and stir well. Serve on ice in Collins or highball glasses, garnished with lime wedge or peel. Serves two to three


James said...

The trick would be finding good hard cider. The swill they sell in the state stores here wouldn't cut it. Last batch I had that was wonderful was homemade and that delightful man is now sipping it on a cloud somewhere.

JMW said...

That sounds fabulous - could use one of those after this week! Love G&G Magazine - my favorite!