Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Ball Player Hits the Skids

 Twenty years ago yesterday. It was game one of the National League Pennant series against the Atlanta Braves. I was sitting in seats better than Ted Turner with my buddy Wighty. Curt Schilling pitched a masterpiece, striking out 10 Braves. The game went 10 innings and I will never forget Kim Batiste hitting the game winning run in the bottom of the 10th after he had made an earlier error to allow the Braves to tie the game. Kim went from goat to hero in one swing.
 It was a great pitchers duel and a memorable night of baseball for this Phillies fan. Wighty and I were on track for a beer an surprise for a couple of old Lehigh buddies. We were hanging on every pitch...the way one does in post-season baseball.
Today I learned that Curt Schilling is selling his home and auctioning off the contents. He cleaned out in a business deal and bankruptcy and sued by Rhode island. he is seemingly broke and scrambling. This is sad news in light of my prior posts about another 1993 Phillie, Lenny Dykstra and his now well known post baseball debacle.Another ex-Phillie behaving badly and paying the price. I like to remember Schilling in a Phil's uniform. Most recall him is a Red Sox uniform pitching with the bloody sock..which by the way sold for $92,000.


Anonymous said...

Let's not shed too many tears for poor old Curt. He defaulted after being bailed out by the government...Of course, Curt’s political philosophy could be summed up as follows: When it’s a taxpayer expenditure that personally benefits him, it’s good government; when it’s a program that benefits someone else its socialism.

Will be interesting to see how this personal experience may change Curt.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Anon- I guess I did not create the proper tone here...I am not crying for Curt. he is obviously behaving like a wanker post-baseball.

Anonymous said...

Both C. Shilling & L. Dykstra were fine baseball players. Of course Shilling & Dykstra expressed some similarities outside of baseball: arrogance, ignorance, unethical business interests and practices... Still, we wish them well and we're all just fine without the car washes or video games they operated.