Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Often when we hunt we come home with an empty game bag. Shots are missed, ducks do not care for your decoy spread, the geese are not moving. There are  as many reasons for a day without birds as there are species of waterfowl. That is not to say the day was unsuccessful. Some mornings offer such a gorgeous sunrise that the trip is worth it. Yesterday was one of those days. As the sun came up we hunkered  in the duck blind waiting for the beat of wings. The sunrise itself was so breathtaking that I was compelled to put down my shotgun and grab the camera.The black outline of a stand of poplars across the marsh was made vivid by the purples and reds and oranges flaming behind.
Then there are other things one notices that are more subtle. My hunting dog Genna is coming along well. Yesterday her blind comportment was exemplary. She was happy to be wearing the neoprene vest due to the frigid temperatures. She was quiet and well behaved. She sat contentedly for long periods keeping an eye out of the blind,scanning the sky and the marsh and she did not make a sound. A waterfowl dog can be a great retriever, but if the behavior in the blind is annoying your fellow hunters will be aggravated. Some dogs whine and fidget, slapping wet tails and nearly knocking over loaded guns. This behavior is unwelcome in a duck blind and thus I was pleased with Genna's composure. We got blanked on the morning duck hunt but scored with the geese in the afternoon. A separate post on that successful hunt will follow.


James said...

I have always felt sorry for those poor souls that think hunting is only about the bag. Well written old man.

Main Line Sportsman said...

A "well written" from you is high praise indeed. Thanks!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I have been wondering about Genna! I might have to get Honcho, Bryce's lab, one of those vests...he will be hunting in snow tomorrow morning!