Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brickyard Babe

 I always thought Ms. Judd, who became Mrs. Franchitti, was talented and hot. Clearly a power couple when you have Golden Globe nominated talent and a Borg-Warner trophy between you. Sadly, it seems the driver and the diva have split.
 So guys, here we have a beautiful, sports loving, bi-lingual, charity minded hottie who has connection for good seats at Indy. She is now single.

(P.S., The UK photo is a tip of the hat to a favored blog writer JWM at "A Place to Dwell"...she is a a big fan and in her last post looks equally  cute in the Kentucky gear)


Anonymous said...

Well, speaking of the Brickyard, Jim Nabors finally tied the knot.

JMW said...

Thanks for the nod, Mr. MLS! Although, my encounter with Ms. Judd while in college (she was in a local film of which I was a production assistant) was not the best. Sorry to say, I am not a fan. I'll have to share the story some time. :)

Anonymous said...

I worked with Judd on Big Stone Gap. She's a neurotic no talent hack who acts like she's the biggest star in the world when the entire town is showing up to see Patrick Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg. She demands WARM MILK in her coffee. Yeah. We all have time to hunt down warm milk. I saw her petty, 16 year old personal assistant push her dog's bed that was soaked in urine into the chest of a disabled veteran who was working on set. It nearly knocked the woman to the ground. I can't remember her name but she was wearing a tshirt that had a logo on it that said RETIRED ARMY, carried her keys with a lanyard that reflected the same thing, and her car even had tags on it that said disabled veteran and this is how Judd allows her people to treat our veterans - by pushing a pee soaked dog bed into their chest in a freezing cold outdoor shoot. Despite this, the woman react secured the dog bed on a camera truck and then washed her shirt. It was freezing outside. Ashley Judd only has respect for Ashley Judd. This same woman would be called to wait on Judd hand and foot despite being needed on set. Her private room being cold was emergency, she couldn't work if she had to share the 3 room talent trailers with anyone because it jarred when people went in and out. She was a nightmare on base camp. Whoopi was hugging the veteran and talking to her one day so I pulled her aside. I asked her why she took that off Judd's teenage assistant. She just shrugged and said, "How poorly someone treats you is their failing. How you react is yours." To me, she was the one who should've been getting the million dollar paycheck and not Judd. This same woman ran after Judd to calm her down after she stormed off set while the camera was rolling because her glam squad didn't have an umbrella to shield the sun from her face during a sudden sleet storm. I don't know what the woman did but Judd was back on set shortly and in a much better mood. I was an intern during fall break from college. I will never work on a movie again if everyone acts this way.