Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Rivalry

 Once again the Lehigh faithful are gearing up for "The Rivalry." For those who do not know "The Rivalry" or have not read my prior posts, "The Rivalry" is the yearly football game between Lehigh University and Lafayette College. As previously noted, and as is common knowledge to Alumni of both schools, the is the most played rivalry in College football history. More than Army/Navy or Harvard/Yale or Ohio State/Michigan.
This Saturday will be the 148th meeting of the two teams. The kick-off will be at Fisher field in Easton...Lafayette's turf. This Sportsman will be loading the cooler with Yeungling and filling the flask with Whiskey and making the trip. A contingent of Lehigh boys will gather, without the wives and kids that taiolgate with us at home games. We will swill beer, sip whiskey, cheer for our team and enjoy a Fall afternoon of college football. Despite the fact that our crew have all been "alumni" for 20 plus years...on the afternoon of Lehigh v. Lafayette...even one in his mid-40's feels like a College junior when at the game. Sadly for one's liver, we tend to drink like college juniors during this period of faux youthful exuberance...and pay with interest the next day. A few years ago I returned home very late from the Easton...coming off a lovely toot of game day beers and shots and post-game cocktails back at the Fraternity House... messed up...mustard and ketchup stains on the front of the LEHIGH sweatshirt...swaying slightly,cigar butt in mouth and sheepish grin across face. My ever tolerant wife...who has been to many a Lehigh v. Lafayette game herself...but never away...took one look at me and exclaimed:" Guest Room."


James said...

Will be sporting my cap!

JMW said...

So much fun to return to campus for a big game - have a great time. Hope your team wins! Try not to have too good of a time - you may find yourself sacking out on the couch again, or on the front lawn of the frat house, depending on how much fun was had with your crew. :)