Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Salutations

Dressed in that get-up, I doubt Marilyn would have to do much calling. The birds would flock to her. Well, at least any hunters in the vicinity would be drawn in. It is doubtful that the old hammer gun blunderbuss would be operable so the fetching Pilgrim would have to rely on wit to fend off the camo'd suitors.

Here is wishing fellow bloggers a fine day and a fine feast. Enjoy your family and friends. Buck season opens here in PA on Monday so be safe. I have to be in court Monday so I will defer deer hunting until later in the week. If the weather is not 60 and sunny on Friday I will be in the duck blind. If it is a "blue-bird" day I will shoot some clays and train the dog rather than just taking the decoys for a ride. In the meantime, dinner for 12 tomorrow and a 17 lb free range to brine and roast. Cheers!


James said...

Happy Thanksgiving . As always, " Tight lines and crossing shots" to you.

Reggie Darling said...

Love the Thanksgiving photo of Maid Marilyn! Hope yours was a peaceful and satisfying one. As I sit here writing this in the Hudson River Valley, I hear the sound of gunshot in the distance, as we are now in full deer hunting season. Just as the sight of Canadian geese flying in formation is forever associated with this time of year for me, so is the sound of hunters' guns in the nearby forest. Some of my wishy-washy, citified neighbors object to it. Not I. I honor it. Reggie