Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Lehigh Athletics

One of the admirable things about Patriot League teams: Lehigh, Colgate, Bucknell et al...and to some extent Ivy League teams...and West Point and Annapolis for sure and certainly many others....is the play of "scholar athletes." These teams are made up of kids who actually go to class and have real majors. Not like some Florida Football factory where the running back majors in Wallet Making or Plant Watering and gets cash and cars on the down low from loaded Alums who show up in 200 K RV's on Wed. for Saturday's game.
"Scholar Athletes" at schools like the service acadamies have serious course loads and very rigorous academic standards to maintain....not to mention the Naval/Military sciences they study. If these kids flunk they have to pay back the Government.
I admire these athletes tremendously for their dedication and discipline.


brohammas said...

Though I love football in all forms played by anyone, scholar or under-the-table pro... I agree with you here.
Tip of the hat to the scholar athlete and the glory days of college ball.

Nick Robinson said...

Do you have a Twitter account? The Upper Main Line YMCA loves your content, and we want to share it with our audience!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Nick, No Twitter account....but glad you guys enjoy my Blog..

K.S.A. said...

Another great one.

Richard M said...

Lehigh had court tennis??