Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helter Swelter

It is hot in the Quaker City today....indeed all over the nation we are getting a simulated Equatorial ass whooping. As Eugene says in "Biloxi Blues"..."like Africa hot..."
I walked across the street to the bank for the morning deposit and the heat pressed up from the sidewalk like a blow torch. Yesterday walking fromn the garage to the office I sweated thru another suit. It really sucks. In an effort to change my perspective I fondly perused pictures from our Family trip last year to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. One of the things we really enjoy as a Family is skiing. I guess I spoiled my kids on the the Slopes of Utah when I took them to the 2002 Winter Olympics. They scoff the icy hard slopes of Vermont and New York where I skiied my entire youth. I cannot really blame them because Utah or Colorado just eclipses the East Coast for downhill pursuits.
It cools me off just to look at these pictures and remember the cold and biting dry Rocky Mountain air and the great Winter atmosphere of Steamboat. So when I am melting on the way back to get my car this evening, I can mentally travel back to a time when I needed Gortex and hollofil to be comfortable. Like my Grandfather used to say: "When it's cold you can always put something else on...but when it's too hot ...once your bare ass there is nowhere to go."


Julie DeBrandt Hunter said...

We are happy to be rid of the heat, sorry it's gone your way. It was relentless. Hang in.

Anonymous said...

Nice green 2002 Olympic jacket. I worked for the committee at those games and grew up 30 minutes from the base of the Snowbird tram.

I was doing so good but thanks to you I'm having withdrawls.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro-Leave it to the Utah boy to spot the official 2002 Olympic Volunteer jacket. I saw many of these Marker coats when at the games....and coveted same. 2004 I snagged one on Ebay for a ridiculous 25 bucks and 8 in shipping. I have been collecting Salt Lake 2002 stuff ever since...besides the cowbels and pins etc we got while in park City, I have a really nice Seiko 2002 watch and some bar ware etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey that was the first time my hometown was ever considered cool... even if it was only for three weeks.

I sold my official employees jacket on ebay for $500 and went and got myself the commemerative Dale of Norway SLC sweater.

Next time you take the Utah ski trip call me... I'll give you the all the local skiers tips.

If you are still collecting that stuff... I know people.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I always lusted after that Dale of Norway SL 2002 Sweater....VERY nice!