Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Season Ends and Another Begins

Last weekend signaled the end of my son's Ashbee Lacrosse team season. This photo of our team(minus several players who did not make the tourney or bugged out already) is after our last game at the Annapolis Father's day Invitational. Our team went 2 for 2 on the weekend and my son scored 4 goals. I was damn proud. As you know from my prior posts, I played the game for many a defenseman. To watch my boy play attack and smoke a shot passed a goalie for a score is a particular thrill for me that just makes me practically levitate with pride and happiness.
The bittersweet aspect of this tournament was that it likely was my last stint as a coach. I was an Assitant Coach this year and enjoyed not having to deal with the time and effort associated with the Head Coach job. Now that my son is going to 9th grade, he cannot play Ashbee Lacrosse and hence I will not coach. It has been great to coach this sport that I love. I was privileged to know some great and talented kids, some great coaches and parents ( and some not so great parents) and see some excellent games from up close and from the inside.
Even though Ashbee is over, my son is now playing for the Summer on a Tournament team called "Philly Fever" Lacrosse. This team is a select group and has a ton of talent. The head coach is one of the Haverford School Lacrosse Assistant Coaches. As I posted before, Haverford is the number one High School Lacrosse team in the it is a real treat for my kid to be on this team and learn and be coached by talented guys. We attended the Summer Slam tournament this weekend and our kids did great. They made it to the Semi-Finals and only lost by one goal to miss going to the final. They went 4-1 and I got to see some really good lacrosse both Saturday and Sunday and my kid had a blast being part of it....which is really the whole point.


Preppy 101 said...

We always enjoyed the "select" teams in any sport! You will see such growth from this experience! Enjoy. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well done coach.
I hang up my whistle (football) about once every five years. I'm never quite sure how or when it starts back up again... I simply find myself "retiring" again and again.

JMW said...

Congrats to your son on his goals! And how wonderful that he will get to play with such a prestigious group of coaches. And, belated birthday wishes to your daughters. Sorry you had to miss her birthday, but it sounds like she is having an amazing time at camp.

Raulston said...

The shades you are wearing are totally classic! Have a pair myself.

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