Thursday, March 3, 2011

West Coast Lacrosse

One does not often equate Lacrosse with the West Coast. Likewise, one does not often expect to see snowy scenes South of San Francisco in Santa Cruz or Soquel. Lacrosse has only in recent years crossed the Sierras into California and they are embracing the game with enthusiasm and vigor.
As evidence, we see the team managed by my particular friend Bonster..the wife of my best friend from college. Her son Max,whom I have known since he was a zygote, plays on the Soquel team. Last week during a tournament in Soquel,CA, they had snow during a game...rare events on both counts. Bonster was kind enough to share these photos with me and I simply had to post them here in the interest of our periodic Lacrosse theme and posts. Reportedly, the game-time snow caused cheers from the spectators and fired up the players. I only wish I could have been present to see Max play and lend Bonster a hand...and see white flakes settle on mesh sticks and shiny new helmets.

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Pete said...

As a former East Coaster now living in the Inter-mountain west a number of my friends and colleagues from back east are always surprised at the strength and popularity of lacrosse outside the Mid-Atlantic and New England States.