Monday, March 7, 2011

Lacrosse Season and Trial Schedule

I am in the middle of a 3 day trial in Federal Court here in Philadelphia. The case involves some failry complex commercial litigation so my attention and energy is sapped by the time toiling in the Courtroom. Such is my demeanor that the likelihood of any interesting or amusing post is remote at best.
However, Lacrosse season is once again upon us and my son just finished tryouts for the local youth league for which I am coaching again this year. He made a it on a good team and we have 2 young coaches from the Shipley School filling out the staff. With these full time coaches lending their time to our kids I think it will be a great season and the kids will learn even more than usual. Both guys have impressive playing backgrounds and know their Lax. My son will also be playng on his middle school team so I will be trying to manipulate my schedule for the next 3 months to be able to get to the weekday school games in the afternoons...not an easy task.
All of this plus Opening day in the offing and Playoff Hockey around the corner...and the start of the Spring Steeplechase Season...


JMW said...

And so it begins...good luck to your son on his LAX season. His season sounds promising. And, best of luck to dad for making as many games as possible! :)

Kathie Truitt said... should read my novel "False Victim" - as an attorney you would like it (I think).