Monday, August 18, 2014

Simpler Is Better

 What can be more simple and amusing( actually addictive) than a game requiring a steel ring attached to a string,which is anchored to an overhead log beam, to be swung onto a hook. The whole set up costs about $2.75 and a trip to the hardware store. In this case, the setting likely enhances the experience.
 This particular ring game has been played on the screened porch of my friends boathouse on Lake Colby for quite a few years.One afternoon last week I was playing solo while my buddy,his son and my son were getting the boats ready for some sailing. On other occasions we play competitively and drinks or dollars are wagered on best out of ten tries or other variations of how many hooks per toss.
 The success rate depends on a steady hand and a consistent form to swing the metal hoop on a perfect trajectory to land on the hook. 4 out of five is my personal best....and each year in the Adirondacks I seek to go clean 5 for 5.


Corinne and Brad Evans said...

I was introduced to this game while sailing through the Bimini Islands in college. Hemingway hung out at the bar and hunted sharks there (so we were told).

Main Line Sportsman said...

Corine and Brad- The game is also played at the Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke in the BVI....perhaps the best beach bar on the planet. I played it there last November. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Bear said...

One of our favorite, but now defunct, watering holes on the way to camp had one by the door. The little old lady that ran the joint didn't miss very often. Pretty sure she enjoyed showing us young bucks up.