Friday, May 23, 2014

Manual Labor and Rugby

 The thing about leasing an 800 acre farm for a duck hunting club is the work involved. There is brackish river and marsh water surrounding the farm where we have our duck blinds. However, the Farm boasts a fresh water pond that really attracts the birds. The dam that supports this pond has needed repair for some time. This week we finally got around to tackling the job. Luckily, Sandy can operate heavy equipment and has access to same. This helped significantly. We did do serious shovel work though...and moved about 3 tons of dam material one shovel full at a time. Hell, I got an advanced degree to avoid this kind of labor.
 In addition to Sandy's big rig skill, Dave is an Engineer by trade and designed and supervised the drain and agri-box and valve set up on the dam so we can control water flow. Once the season rolls around we can flood some corn and really create a bird magnate.
 Since we had the equipment on site...we also expanded and improved on of the boat ramps on the river to make it easier to put the hunting boat in and access new and better hunting spots.
Lastly, but most son's rugby team made it to the Penna. State Championship finals. They played hard but were bested by a Club from West Allegheny that was just more skilled in the finer points. To add to the excitement, my son has been nominated to try out for the state all star team. His play was evaluated during the championship game and we will learn soon if he made it.

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Congrats to your son!