Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Radnor Hunt Races

    This Saturday will feature the 83rd running of the Radnor Hunt Races. The Grade III National Hunt Cup is the 4th race on the card and sports a $50,000.00 purse. I am picking "Barnstorming" to win this year. This horse is owned and trained by hall-of-famer Jonathan Sheppard and has all the equipment necessary to best this field over 2 3/8 miles and 17 National Fences.
    The talented wordsmith from "The Trad" will be joining us this year. This sportsman will offer his humble opinions on Steeplechase wagering to Tin-Tin as we enjoy gin &; tonics, the races and the people watching. That is if I can get him to put down his camera for two seconds.
    Suffice it to say, this sportsman will NOT be attired in the manner of the two pink-swathed Lilly-boys noted above. It seems that the VA Gold Cup  has spread its "oh-look-at-me" asthetic north of the Mason-Dixon. This means we see more and more pastel and pink garbed tailgate flies buzzing around hoping to be photographed with no idea about or interest  in the serious racing that is taking place. We noticed legions of the same scurrying about drunkenly at the Winthertur Point-to Point races last week...just there for the party and eager to model the most recent knock-off Nantucket Reds or J.Crew greens they bought on-line.The only people permitted to wear gaudy colors at a steeplechase race are the jockeys...and maybe one or two REALLY hot wenches.


JMW said...

Enjoy the races my friend. And sport your proper racing attire with pride! Have a G&T for me!

Anonymous said...

Good times. Just don't try to hurdle any of those jumps yourself, it is hard on the sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

You may recall I touted you on Grinding Speed last year in the timber race. Check his record since. He lays over this field and will win as his rider pleases (unless he falls!)

Anonymous said...

At the weights I like Gustavian.

Earlier, Certain Swagger stable likes big time.

Anonymous said...

I was right on thye finish line.

No way Gustavian lost that race.

Naylor has the judges in his pocket; only explanation.