Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blind Taj Mahal

Duck season is opening in a few weeks. In that spirit I offer a picture of this multi-level,multi-hunter Duck Blind sent to me by one of the Duck Hunting websites I peruse on a frequent basis. Part of me laughs at this over-grown hunting tenement and thinks it is absurd. However, another part of me is envious and thinks this mallard hunting monstrosity is very cool. Either way, the boys at the Club are cleaning the Semi Auto 12's and stocking up on #4 hevi-Shot for opening day. They will probably start e-mailing me to ask about the opening Eve menu....

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Bear said...

I don't know that I'd want to hunt from something like that... how on earth would you be able to focus on a single bird and know for sure that someone else isn't shooting at it as well?

We had a good goose shoot a few years ago... nine guys in three rows of the first cut corn in the area. We killed 34 birds that night, but what I remember most was how much of a cluster is was. It was very difficult to pick up a single bird that wasn't already gettin' steel thrown at it. Four guys would have done just as much damage, but with a lot more efficiency.